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Guided Meditation for Kids

Did you know you can train your mind like a muscle?

We all know we need to exercise regularly to keep the muscles in our bodies strong and working at its best. We teach our kids to look after their bodies but what about their minds? Teaching them about meditation will set them up for life!

Budding Buddhas Kids Yoga Classes have meditations in every class. It may be a short guided meditation for children ages 3 - 8 or longer one for the older children ages 9+. We use meditations for the young athletes we work with to help them destress before a sporting event.

Guided meditations take a childs mind away from their thoughts, stresses and into a calmer place. They are like organized daydreams, and who doesn’t like to dream? We start with young children so they have the tool to use when frustrated or angry or over excited. They understand that this simple ritual can help, from slowing down to managing their emotions. This is a practice and they get better at this skill the more they practice!

There are many meditation apps for kids or adult meditation apps that feature kids guided meditations. (See below “our suggestions”.) You can also google “guided meditations for kids” and browse the thousands of options on youtube.

You and your family or child can do this anywhere. At home when a child struggles with transitions (for example before homework) or to help them get to sleep. You can do it in the car before a game, music or dance performance….anytime and anywhere will work. 5 - 10 minutes to start. 3 - 4 times a week and your child will feel the benefits right away. Their mind and body stays happy, and even bad days are a little easier!

Find a quiet spot, sit, and breathe. It’s good to have a peaceful place inside. It’s good to meditate!

Our suggestions:

Stop, Breathe & Think Kids: Focus, Calm & Sleep: or app on iTunes or Android



5 minute escapes-guided meditation and relaxation app: iTunes Store (Free), google app

Insighttimer: (Free)

About the Author: Monique Claassens-Bouckaert

About the Author:  Monique Claassens-Bouckaert

A 45 year old “Dutchie”, born and raised in the Netherlands, happily married, mom of two teenagers (ages 15 and 13), certified (kids) yoga teacher, trying to live a happy, healthy, and balanced life in Westchester NY. Enthusiastic about introducing kids of all ages and their parents to yoga and mindfulness through word and action...with a big smile and lots of positive energy!

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