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Private & Small Group Sessions

*social distancing or virtual

All Ages

Yoga is the perfect opportunity to be curious about who you are.”

-Jason Crandell


At your own home or location of your choosing, we offer children a chance to decompress and enjoy one-on-one attention or bonding in a small joyous group.  


Each session tailored to specific needs or requests becomes a unique experience dedicated to the personal growth and physical well-being of your child. 

Small Groups / Family / Parent & Child / or Private Sessions available.


Our certified Budding Buddhas instructors promote whimsy and exploration. while encouraging self-esteem, body awareness and mastery of practice.

Interested in scheduling a private or small group session?
Girl Scouts

Yoga and Mindfulness Programs for Girl Scouts & Brownies

(Virtual or Live)

"Ours is a circle of friendships united by ideals"

- Juliette Gordon Low, founder of the Girl Scout Movement

Girl Scout Yoga Workshops reinforce the Girl Scout mission to make the world a better place through courage, confidence and character.

Each workshop centers around a theme such as Inner Strength; Joyous Teamwork; and Growth through Self-Respect.

Budding Buddhas Girl Scout Workshops integrate these themes through discussion and age appropriate yoga and mindfulness practices.  Yoga practices embrace mindful breathing, flexibility, focused strength moves, and relaxation techniques. 

Journaling or Craft may be added. 

Budding Buddhas workshops help each Girl Scout integrate the wisdom of yoga into everyday life.

Yoga Patch Available:  Budding Buddhas will work with each troop leader to develop health and wellness Patch requirements.

Would your Troop like to offer a Budding Buddhas Program?
Pods Home School

Schools, Pods, Home-Schools

We customize the experience 

30 minutes - 1 hour
Weekly, bi-weekly or once a month


Whatever your choice, let us bring yoga & mindfulness to your child's learning experience.


Birthday Celebrations
Colorful Balloons

Budding Buddhas Birthday Celebrations


Give your child a birthday party that will be filled with fun, movement, and mindfulness.


Budding Buddhas will take your child and friends through an interactive yoga experience combining music, creative poses and games.


Our birthday celebrations are open to kids ages 3 - 12.  

Want to bring Budding Buddhas Kids Yoga 
 to your child's Birthday Celebration?
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