Kids Yoga Teacher Training

Ages 2 - 10


This series of rigorous but joyful trainings will enrich any yogi’s life, while equipping you with the tools to cultivate mindful movement with tweens & teens.  


The program structure provides space and opportunity for participants to build their knowledge and expertise to bring yoga and mindfulness to children Ages 2 - 12.


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People who may want training:


School Teachers, Parents, Yoga Teachers, Administrators, Social Workers

*All level of yoga experience welcome


The Benefits

*Bring peace, yoga, and mindfulness into your life in order to help tweens & teens bring  peace, yoga and mindfulness into theirs.

*Learn how yoga and mindfulness can support the tween & teen during this stage of adolescent development

*Teach tweens & teens how to cultivate community, trust and connection

*Learn how to teach yoga & mindfulness in the classroom and school setting

Kids Yoga 

Training Program Features

Through this training, participants will learn:

  • Identify and explore primary emotions and how to help adolescents develop tools to better manage their response

  • Breath work and techniques to use for calming and focus

  • How yoga and mindfulness can help tweens & teens with social and emotional growth

  • Create lesson plans and learn to structure a class

  • Age appropriate yoga poses and mindfulness techniques

  • Learn age appropriate yoga partner poses, group poses & group games

  • The importance of sequencing and how to do it properly

  • How to structure lessons and classes to focus on the complete physical, mental, emotional, and social wellbeing of students

Key features and Resources

  • Interactive training:  practice teaching and get feedback

  • Integration of relaxation techniques

  • Lesson Plans

  • Budding Buddhas Kids Yoga Teacher Training Manual

  • Budding Buddhas Kids Yoga Teacher Training Certificate for Ages 2 - 12

Budding Buddhas Kids Yoga

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