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Planting a Seed

As awareness of the benefits of yoga and mindfulness for kids grow, more and more parents are turning to these practices to help their children with a specific “issue.”

Some parents want their kids to stretch and strengthen for a particular sport, or they may be looking to help their child reduce stress, help to improve focus and regulation skills, or help build confidence and body awareness.

The increased interest in yoga and mindfulness is great because it can truly help kids to navigate development from childhood to teenage years.

I believe a lot of the yoga and mindfulness work is about “Planting a Seed” for future access. It offers children a tool box of invaluable techniques to use when experiencing the ups and downs of childhood and they will access what they need at specific times in their lives.

Kids yoga and mindfulness teaches ways to calm the body and mind, it teaches how to stretch and strengthen, to help focus and concentrate.

It provide tools such as essential oils for calming and awakening, various breathing techniques for stress reduction and regulation. Even kids yoga crafts such as breathing sticks (breathing sticks video) or mind jars (mind jar video or) support the practice and lessons learned.

Each child, tween, teen will have access to everything and will instinctively use when appropriate.

I've been fortunate and have taught kids yoga and mindfulness for many years and have kept in touch with many students. I’ve watched them grow, I've been available for parents and kids to reinforce techniques learned or to guide my students and remind them how to access the yoga and mindfulness “tools” during their development.

One of my students who began yoga in 2nd grade is now 15. She hasn’t taken classes in a couple years but I ran into her recently and she talked about the teenage years being a bit challenging. She told me she uses her breathing and mindfulness exercises to calm down before her tests, and the uses the stretching for breaks when studying. She also said she has created a peaceful place where she goes to clear her head.

Toddlers, preschoolers, elementary school children, tweens and teens have so many interests which help them to grow and develop into amazing young people. Most of our students don’t take weekly classes year after year or continue their practice because of their busy lives but they do seem to access the lessons learned from yoga and mindfulness at some point.

Whether it’s a class, workshop, video, or app, it’s a gift you can give your child and they will cherish it forever. We’re planting a Seed and Watching it Grow.

Check out Mindfulness Month for Kids and Families U-Tube Channel to access over 60 Free Video’s.

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