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A Sense of Stillness

Every Friday I teach a teens and tweens class for kids 10 and older at Tovami Yoga Studio. I had this vision of what the class would be like and what poses and lessons i would teach but this has evolved into something much more.

Each week we take a few minutes to talk about how we feel and what's been happening during the week. I listen to what the students have to say and listen to how they feel. These tweens and teens are thoughtful and introspective and often their chief complaint is that their backs are hurting. So when listening to their needs, i realized they ultimately teach me how to be the best teacher i can be for them.

Our teens and tweens don't need a lot of stuff/things.....they simply want to feel good; physically and mentally. They understand that although they like stuff/things, they know that a strong calm body and mind is what makes them feel good.

So, as i remember my school days and carrying heavy book bags and sometimes heavy emotions, I know that what i would like to give my students of all ages as well as the adults i teach is a sense of stillness that their body and soul craves after a day or a week of hustling and bustling.

Just like kids watch us and learn...lets' watch them and learn as well.

Please be mindful of what and how you're feeling and do something that feels good for your mind and body!

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