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Bringing Calm to Young Athletes

Being physically active and developing a lifelong healthily lifestyle are two of the many benefits kids get from playing individual or team sports. In addition, children develop social skills, confidence, and discipline which helps them at every stage of their lives.

The flip side of kids and sports may be the feeling of immense pressure to succeed & win before having fun. Intensity and competition is getting greater at a younger age and it’s leading to injuries and higher stress levels.

This is where yoga and meditation can be a great tool for young athletes. Stretching, strengthening, relaxing and learning mindfulness all play a role in helping young athletes stay healthy in their bodies and their minds.

Yoga and mindfulness programs are widely used in conjunction with professional training throughout the NBA, NFL and MLB. Check out Rachel Wold’s piece on Sportsnaut:

Kids can practice yoga and mindfulness anywhere, anytime. Angela Bekkala on Activekids website outlines 7 Yoga Poses for young athletes that can be practiced by kids and parents.

In addition, Guided Meditation for Kids Blog by Monique Claassens-Bouckaert on Budding Buddhas website is a great stress reduction technique and can be done anywhere …even in the car on the way to a game or competition.

Whether it’s 5 minutes or 45 minutes, practicing yoga and mindfulness will bring a sense of calm to our children and help keep them stretched out and strengthened.

We are pleased to announce a Yoga for Young Athletes Series at Tovami Yoga in Mamaroneck, NY., beginning March 3rd. Dates: March 3, 10, 24th. Please contact us with any questions or to discuss bringing Budding Buddhas to your team.

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