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Wobbel Wave Yoga is a new way for kids to have fun with yoga on the Wobbel Board


It's a fun and challenging way to work on strength, balance and concentration.   


Wobbel Wave Yoga classes help children increase their body awareness and their self confidence.  At the end of class, every child will step off their Wobbel relaxed and with a smile on their face.


Give your child their first Wobbel Wave Yoga experience!

Mondays:  Wobbel Wave Yoga


4:30pm - 5:30pm

ages 4 - 8

*Drop off class

Wobbelyoga combines the best of yoga with all the possibilities the Wobbel has to offer. The Wobbel innovates the yoga classes and enables kids to work on their strength and balance in a fun and playful way. The rhythmic movements on the Wobbel calm the body and mind. During the classes the kids will enhance their body awareness and confidence. Exertion and relaxation alternate constantly and at the end of the class they step off of their Wobbel full of pride and with a big smile on their face.

This class occurs at the same time as Tovami’s 4:30 - 5:45pm adult class.
*Kids will enjoy 15 minutes of supervised coloring while they wait for their parents/caregivers*

Thursdays: Toddler Wobbel Wave Yoga


9:30am -10:15am 

1:30pm - 2:15pm

ages 2 - 4

Experience the benefits of yoga while growing and nurturing your relationship. This class offers you and your child a wonderful opportunity to connect with others. Wobbel Wave Yoga combines the best of yoga with all the possibilities offered by the Wobbel Board. For toddlers, the Wobbel is incredibly inviting. They love to discover and will soon turn the Wobbel into a bridge, a tunnel or a rocking chair. At the end of class, everyone will step off their Wobbel Boards relaxed and with a big smile. Caregivers welcome. Come sing, move, breathe, play and…Wobbel!




* 1st Class $10


1hr. Drop Off Class 

$21 drop in

5 class pass $100

10 class pass $190

exp. date 5 class pass/3 mo.

exp. date 10 class pass/6 mo.

Mommy & Me

$20 drop in (adult & 1 child)

4 class pass $70 (adult & 1 child)

*additional child $10

Enjoy Wobbel Wave Yoga Birthday Parties at your home, Tovami Yoga Studio or any location you chose!


Sign up online:

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