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Budding Buddhas Yoga and Mindfulness Programs are designed to build focus, strength, confidence and a strong sense of self. Our classes throughout Westchester, New York City, and Connecticut introduce age-appropriate yoga to children, tweens, and teens, inspiring them to use the techniques they learn in class in their everyday lives.
We seek to inspire, empower, and teach young people the joy of yoga!
All classes are taught by Budding Buddhas Certified and Insured Instructors who provide a warm, nurturing environment while instilling confidence, focus and self-discipline through the practice of yoga.
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I would be happy to speak to you about the all the amazing benefits of kid's yoga and mindfulness and how it can help your child. 

Please provide your info below, along with a  short note about your child, and I will get back to you!

Susan Fried - Budding Buddhas Owner

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Peace Corners 

When children experience big emotions, it may be hard for parents to find ways to help their children process these big feelings.  Sometimes telling children to “calm down” or “take a deep breath” just doesn’t work. A peace corner is a great resource that can be set up in any home or school as a safe space for children to use to help them with their big feelings and emotions.  This can also be called a zen zone, calm corner or whatever you and your child decide.  It is vital to remember that a peace corner is not a time out.  The purpose of a peace corner is to create a positive soothing environment with tools to help children self-regulate as opposed to a time out which can be used as...

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