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Yoga and Creative Expression

Ages 8 - 11

"Your journal, like your mat, is your refuge, a place where you can let your guard down, discover who you really are, and celebrate that discovery."

-Bruce Black (author of Writing Yoga)


Budding Buddhas treats preteens to a mind/body combo of yoga and expressive writing, collage and drawing. 


During each session, students alternate between yoga poses and their journals, in a rewarding interactive experience of self-awareness, positivity and fun. 


Themes and writing prompts such as confidence, inner beauty and joy offer structure, while allowing for endless possibilities to emerge. 


Yoga and creative expression offers a double opportunity to learn about yourself and share with others on the same path!  

Taught by Certified Kids Yoga Instructors from Budding Buddhas Children's Yoga.

Our yoga and mindfulness programs are offered in schools and after-school programs throughout Westchester and the surrounding areas.  Please also view our schedule for details on class times and locations.

Yoga and Creative Expression
Yoga and Creative Expression
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