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Benefits of Yoga for Children

The benefits of yoga for kids are many, including increased focus and concentration which helps them at school, heightened body awareness and self-control, better balance and flexibility, and enhanced athletic performance. Yoga for kids also promotes calmness and eases stress, and starting at a young age creates healthy habits for life.

Learn More about the Benefits of Kids Yoga

Research is trying to keep pace with the explosion of interest in school-based mindfulness programs. Here's a round-up of four new studies at the frontier.

This article discusses yoga as a potential tool for children to deal with stress and regulate themselves. 

Research on school-based yoga and mindfulness suggests that these programs may have a number of positive effects on student health, behavior, and performance 

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  • Helps balance mind and body

  • Increases strength and flexibility

  • Instills confidence with new challenges and experiences

  • Increases self awareness

  • Promotes self discipline

  • Teaches techniques to help build focus and attention

  • Teaches respect, compassion and sharing

  • Builds coordination and balance

  • Teaches to love your inner self

  • Teaches how to find a sense of calmness and self control

  • Fun and Creative

Benefits of yoga for children
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