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Baking Buddhas

Baking Buddhas

Valentines Day Special

Ages 7 - 10


(Tovami Yoga Studio)



 Theme is Love

We will celebrate Valentines Day by practicing yoga poses which open our heart, practice a loving kindness meditation, and bake a yummy Valentines Day treat.

*Ingredients list will be sent out prior to class.



Coming Soon:

Baking Buddhas Weekly Class

Each week, our budding bakers will create a sweet treat, followed by an instructed yoga class.  In this virtual program, we will be baking confetti cupcakes, M&M cookies, and Oreo stuffed brownies. 


Our yoga practice  will mirror the process of baking.  We will have the right amount of balance and flow to create a calm, peaceful mind and body.  We will end with a sweet relaxation.


Your child just needs access to a computer and a passion for baking and yoga!  An ingredient list & basic preparation instructions will be sent out prior to each class.

Yoga taught by Susan

Baking taught by Georgia

Yoga taught by Susan (owner of Budding Buddhas)


Susan Fried is the owner of Budding Buddhas Kids Yoga 

Georgia Meyer is a high school student with a background in yoga and a passion for baking.  While continuing her year with distance learning, she has been baking everything from cookies to homemade cakes to bread.  She is very excited to share her skills through Budding Buddhas new program, “Baking Buddhas”!

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